Where it Started...

 I never thought I'd be a boutique owner. Like, never. My mom, who is super talented, would sew many of my outfits as a kid. We shopped at JcPenny, Walmart, but never at a boutique. I didn't wear all the popular brands, nor cared to. I always had my own "style" and could put things together that maybe most wouldn't.

I was not thin after second grade, so it was a struggle growing up to find cute clothes that my granny wouldn't wear. Years later, in 2016 I had the idea to begin a Plus Size trendy boutique. That was the foundation for what Revival Threads & Co. is today.

A blip of a dream into a reality, as we traveled the South showcasing our threads for several years. In 2018, Revival Threads & Co. turned Brick + Mortar, and online in Downtown Carthage, TX. We've since earned the title of Best Boutique in Panola County for 2019, 2020, 2021, & 2022. We work hard to deliver quality pieces for different occasions with a touch of class, yet boho flare. 

Revival Threads &Co. is now built on family. We have three small businesses within one store. Threads, accessories, and more are provided by Revival Threads for Ladies and Men. Skip to My Lou, {Misty's Mom} Debra Curbow, delivers western vibe accessories, candles, food items, Myra Bags, and more. Wendy Gomez- Infante, owner of Funky Monkey Kidz Bowtique, is a great addition dishing out the trendiest baby, kids, and tween clothing + accessories. This trio has been a successful team to provide you the ultimate Revival Threads & Co. Boutique experience. 

We love meeting our customers and appreciate the loyalty shown that has helped our small business keep on thumpin' along in the boutique world. 

xoxo Misty