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Pet Silk Cleanse Shampoo 16oz.
Pet Silk Cleanse Shampoo 16oz.
Pet Silk Cleanse Shampoo 16oz.
Pet Silk Cleanse Shampoo 16oz.

Pet Silk Cleanse Shampoo 16oz.

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Pet Silk Bright White Dog & Cat Shampoo leaves your furry friend’s coat so bright you may need sunglasses to look at him! This deep-cleaning formula can remove stains that are attributed to tears, licking and urine—restoring your best bud’s natural beauty while adding shine and softness with silk amino acids. The shampoo is safe to use on a range of coat colors, it even makes dark and mixed-color fur stand-out! Free of harsh chemicals, this remedy won’t discolor hair or strip it of its much-needed oils


  • Designed to whiten light-colored coats and add shine and depth to darker fur.
  • Features silk amino acids that leave hair silky soft to the touch.
  • This shampoo is designed to remove caked-on stains and eliminate dirt and grime.
  • Provides a deep cleansing and moisturizing experience that can smooth your sidekick’s coat.
  • This product can be diluted up to 16:1.


Rain Forest Shampoo: 

About this item

  • THROUGH CLEANSING: Give your pet a clean, shiny and smooth coat with our pet hair shampoo. Let your pet play in the dirty mud or sand, our rain forest shampoo deeply cleanses the coat & paws of your pup and ensures best coat care!
  • DELICATE FLORAL SCENT: Great smelling pets are loved by all! Your cute little pooch will feel refreshed for a long time with just one wash! Our scented shampoo has a decent, leafy and light yet amazing floral scent. Removes pet odor instantly!
  • SAY NO TO HARSH CHEMICALS: Never treat your pooch with harsh chemicals which may cause allergies or damages to its sensitive skin. Our pet safe shampoo is formulated with all natural ingredients which ensure your pet does not get any allergies, dryness or itchiness on its skin.
  • DEEP MOISTURISATION: Other pet shampoos can strip off the original moisture content of the cat while cleansing. But our gentle formula not only cleanses but also moisturizes and nourishes your pet’s coat. It soothes the dry skin and conditions the coat leaving it voluminous and bouncy soft.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: Maintaining uncompromising quality standards across the entire process of manufacturing and ingredient selection through to packaging, all the Pet Silk products are trusted by professionals and are considered as a premium yet value for money pet grooming aid.